Home Health Care

How Our Home Care Team Can Help
Benefits We Deliver to Hospitals

  • Reduce “revolving door” admissions.
  • Reduce length of stay.
  • Reduce urgent/emergent care.
  • Utilize outside resources to improve outcomes and control cost.

Benefits We Deliver to Physicians

  • Updated Clinical assessment data.
  • Better case management to reduce calls.
  • Early detection/intervention for better disease management.
  • Streamlined paper process.
  • Improved physician follow-up.
  • Clinical outcomes feedback.

Benefits We Deliver to Patient/Family/Caregivers

  • Improved quality of life.
  • Maximize activity tolerance.
  • Educate on early warning signs/symptoms.
  • Reduce frequent emergency room visits.
  • Reduce repeated hospital admissions.

American Angels can Provide

  • Observation and Assessment
  • Management Evaluation
  • Assess General Pulmonary Status
  • Evaluate Lung Sounds
  • Disease Education
    • Teach patient or caregiver new medication regimen
    • Teach regarding safe oxygen utilization
    • Teach proper use of inhalers
    • Teach conservation of energy
  • Assess Nutritional Status
  • Assess Hydration Status
  • Assess Vital Signs
  • Venipuncture
  • Monitory Respiratory Rate
  • Evaluate for Presence or Absence of Gough
  • Obtain Sputum Cultures as ordered
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Notify MD of Significant Changes
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