Social Work Services

After a complete recovery, the patient undergoes an overall assessment to know what needs to be improved and developed to become independent. Hence, our social workers and medical staff play a vital role in the patient-care learning right in their own homes. Our social workers can also take charge in the support and assistance of the patient’s documents and situation if he or she has no more family left.

Other services may include but are not limited to:

  • Support in acquiring home health services
  • Rehabilitation guidance and support
  • Life coaching
  • Individual, family counseling, and group counseling
  • Hospital discharge assistance
  • Parenting advice and coaching
  • Foster care arrangements
  • Bereavement support and grief counseling

Avail of our Social Work Services now and experience one of a kind home health care services intended right for your loved ones who need care and assistance. Please call us at 313-982-3795 for more information.

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